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Get on the Payroll Contest


Get paid $500 an hour every Friday!


Receive 1 FREE ballot on entry every Thursday & Friday


We’ll draw a finalist every hour starting at 5pm on Fridays. If your name is called, YOU’RE ON THE PAYROLL and you earn $500!

If the next finalist is called and isn’t present at the start of the next hour, you stay on the payroll and earn another $500! But, if the next hour’s finalist is present when their name is called, you’re off the payroll.


We’ll keep going every hour until 11pm…

Promotion Ending December 9, 2022.

*Full Contest Rules:


Must be 18 years of age or older. The chances of being a finalist depend on the number of valid entries per week. Deerfoot Inn & Casino will draw 1 (one) finalist per hour from 5:00pm MST until 11:00pm MST. Finalists will be called over the announcement system in the Casino. Finalists have 7 (seven) minutes to claim their spot on the payroll. The finalist who shows up is on the payroll earning $500 per hour until the next finalist whose name is called claims their spot on the payroll. Maximum earnings of $3,500. Self-Exclusion and DFIC employees are ineligible to enter the Management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.


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