Spa Services

Treat yourself to some self care and enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your room.

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Massage Therapy

Choose your style of therapy from deep tissue to relaxation; our therapists bring everything they need including heated massage tables and a choice of three natural aromatherapy oils.

60 min $135 / 90 min $189 / 2 hours $255

THC Massage

Perfect for eliminating pain, and for giving you the best night sleep you have ever had. Will you get high? Not at all, but you will feel deeply relaxed, and pain and inflammation will be hugely diminished.

60 min $190


10,000 Petals

The ultimate rose otto treatment. Your body is gently misted with Rose Hydrosol and massaged with Himalayan carved salt stones, melting away stress while gently exfoliating and nourishing your skin.

Your face is cleansed with rose and oatmeal cleanser, polished with rose crystal powder, a rose and white tea mask is applied, and rosehip seed oil is massaged into the skin to firm skin and diminish fine lines, and any scarring or pigmentation.

2 hours $375

Chakra Recharge

Whether you are a firm believer in woo, or just want to try something different, recharge with a Chakra balancing treatment combined with a facial enhancement, foot and scalp treatments. This 2-hour escape into mindfulness will relax you, leave your face glowing, feet looking like a small baby, and your hair soft and gorgeous.

2 hours $360

Total Tranquility

This is for people who really need to relax on an almost spiritual level. The massage is so gentle, done with brushes, slowing your spinning mind, and resetting your sleep rhythms. The scalp treatment and reflexology are just icing on the cake.

90 Min $225

Face Treatments

Tighten and Brighten Microdermabrasion

Getting older is great, but looking healthy and vibrant is even better. Your skin will be rejuvenated using the most effective of all-natural ingredients including vitamin c, rose and white tea; enhanced by diamond microdermabrasion this facial will tighten and brighten your skin.


Neroli Moisturizing Facial

When your skin is dry it damages more easily, wrinkles are more pronounced and come on faster, and it looks dull. This facial will fix all that. Skin is cleansed with Calendula and orange, toned with Neroli and aloe leaf juice with Egyptian Neroli and Bulgarian Rosewater with a rare white lily extract. Chamomile and neroli toner Rose and white tea mask.

45 min $135

Raspberry Cane Skin Saver

Clear up your problem skin using products with natural healing, antibacterial and balancing properties, this facial not just cleanses the skin, but helps reduce redness and scaring. Rasp Cane cleanser, rose crystal powder exfoliations, willow bark and lavender toner, apple and orange serum, green clay mask and red rasp seed oil.

60 min $135


You can’t just put anything on your skin – no matter how natural or organic, you are sensitive and so is your skin. This facial will make you look and feel radiant!

45 min $135

Body Treatments

Seaweed Wrap

Cellulite creeping up on you? Muscles less sore than fatigued? Or do you feel like you have run a marathon (especially if you have!) there is a seaweed wrap for you. We have three unique blends – each with its own magical powers.


Bangi Di Pisa Thermal Mud

An intensive treatment with thermal mud from Pisa in Italy, blended with green tea and essential oils for detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. Recommended for all types of cellulite.


Himalayan Salt Stone Detox Treatment

An Exclusive treatment, using bricks of carved Himalayan Salt which are heated to smooth tension right down to your soul. The massage gently exfoliates your skin, and then you’re wrapped in a unique oil blend mixed with ground Himalayan salt. This is a detoxifying and revitalizing treatment for the body and mind, the unique massage is designed for its efficacy and pleasure.

With the extraordinary composition of the Himalayan salts, rich in essential minerals, the treatment purifies the skin and the vital organs and leaves you feeling refreshed and nurtured. With fewer aches and pains, better circulation, enhanced metabolism, and higher energy, it really is a miracle.


Spa Enhancements

These enhancements can be added to any treatment.

Eyezone Refresh

Added to any body treatment, this will decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes.


Mini Facial

Just for your skin type, add on an express facial, cleanse, tone and mask followed by a moisturizer, adds 30 min to your treatment time, and adds infinite enjoyment and refreshment.


Scalp Treatment

Our customized moisturizing treatment addresses the needs of your scalp and hair. Natural essential oils will add shine to the hair while you receive a calming scalp massage intended to make your hair look soft and healthy, and for you to feel deeply nurtured.


Foot Treatment

Feet are given a brief scrub and wrapped in enzyme peel to remove old, dead skin. The enzyme is removed and the feet are rewrapped in deeply hydrating lotion made with neem cream which has amazing healing properties. Smooth silky skin, nourished and hydrated feet are the result. 





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