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TournEvent of Champions


The Million Dollar Event TM*

Qualifying events have now closed 

Congratulations to all DFIC Golden Ticket Holders! 

Grand Prize Awarded Wednesday July 25th

Registration begins at 4:30pm

See Customer Service or visit TournEventAB.ca for details.

To participate in the Alberta TournEvent of Champions semi-finals and finals, must be 18 years or older. To participate in the TournEvent of Champions final

in Las Vegas, must be 21 years or older as of September 30, 2018. Everi Games (Canada) Inc, AGLC, and Casino Operator(s)retain the right to deny participation in the TournEvent of Champions. ©2018 Everi. All rights reserved.

*The One Million Dollar US Grand Prize will be awarded using periodic payments over 20 years or in lump sum, present day cash value payment.

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